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 Apply Serckell

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PostSubject: Apply Serckell   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:41 pm

1. Character's Name: Serckell

2. Character's Race: Hume

3. Jobs LVL75: Rdm , Blm , Brd , Rng , Thf and Pld

4. ToAU Mission 20

5. Merit Points Upgraded (list by category): HP/MP 4/4. ATRIBUTES int5. MAGIC SKILL elemental 5 enfeebling 8 .OTHERS enmity + 4 spell interruption rate4 RED MAGE convert 3 mag acc ice 5 wind mag acc 2 bio3 3 Slow 1 Blm e tc...

6. How would you rate your equipment for your jobs? RDM : Staff HQ 8/8 , tamas ring , af2 rdm 5/5 , witch sash , WLK chapeau +1 etc....

6. Which Salvage Armor Set do you want Morrigan

7. Which Part of Armor you want get first? hands, head, feet, body and legs

8. Your Current Timezone:gmt+1

9. Any additional info? SUB JOB; pld, cor, nin, brd, whm, drk, rng, rdm, blm etc
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PostSubject: Re: Apply Serckell   Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:08 am

i m sorry but atm we are full
anyway if we will need 1 rdm blm ect in the future we will contact you

i m sorry again
have fun cya in game

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Apply Serckell
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