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PostSubject: kelseus   Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:52 pm

1. Character's Name: Kelseus

2. Character's Race:Taru

3. Jobs LVL75: WHM

4. ToAU Mission 17 Complete (required): ToAU done

5. Merit Points Upgraded (list by category): Mp 3/8 Hp 1/8 Enfeebling 5/8 Divine 1/8 Cure Cast Time 1/5 Protectra V 1/5 ShellraV 1/5 Devotion 1/5 Evasion 4/4

6. How would you rate your equipment for your jobs? I have some endgame and ra/ex gear (AF2, AF+1, Zenith, Tamas, etc) I think is OK

6. Which Salvage Armor Set do you want (only one) Morrigan

7. Which Part of Armor you want get first? (Post first Part of armor you would like to get first: Legs > Feet > Hands > Body > Head

8. Your Current Timezone: GMT+1

9. Any additional info? Leveling BLM (65 now) THF (72) and RDM atm
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PostSubject: Re: kelseus   Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:35 pm

hello your apply is accepted we got u for a trial period
this trial is for 2 weeks after this period we will decide if get u or not

gather togheter today 23gmt whitegate
grab with u reraise silent prism

for pearl ask to sack
me oscuro emren nevadan atreyus darkleon

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